Best Hairstyles to Style Your Locks 2019

Honestly, locks are freaking amazing. Most of all we love their versatility. Regardless of whether you are growing your locks over year, or you are using faux locks, you should have some cute hairstyles for your locks 2019. To help you, we have done our research and compiled beautiful ideas that you may add into your arsenal.

hairstyles for natural hair in 2019

If you pass through our article, you will definitely have something new to rock tomorrow. Keep in your mind that these styles are absolutely protective so you may go on without damaging tools.

Updo and Downdo

To achieve this gorgeous bun, start by placing whatever jewelry you want to have onto your locks. Bring all your hair to the center of your head and hold in place with the ponytail holder. Then you need to bring it forward toward your face. This bun shows off the gorgeous beads that are placed throughout the strands. It is an amazing headdress that you can rock everywhere, from office to red carpet.

hairstyles for natural hair

The downdo is meant to play off with your texture and showcase the beauty of your strands. To create a gorgeous look like this, choose the side that you want to sweep your hair. Give a subtle middle part to your strands, although you may choose a side part too it is all about your preferences. After sweeping your hair to the side, pin with bobby pins to keep it in place. Accessorize your side swept hairstyle with beads. Finish the look by adding a little shine spray.

Scrunch it Up

Here is a whole new way of styling your locks. Bring old details back and rock them newly. What about scrunchie? Sweep your hair to the side and then work on the front. Place, scrunchie the way, it is done here. Choose a statement scrunchie that gives a bold vibe to the style while creating contrast with your hair. You may use your creativity for a more outstanding and mind-blowing style.

side swept style

High Ponytail

Here is one of the most popular ways of rocking Afro braids. The braided-strands are gathered together and pulled up in a high ponytail. Secure the pony with elastic and use two or three locks from your pony and twist over the base. It will hide the elastic. Tuck the locks between the elastic and under your high pony. If you have these locks, it is not a problem to achieve this pony.High Ponytail

High Bun

For this particular style, pull your hair up and secure in a simple ponytail. Then wrap your locks around the ponytail base to create a regular bun. But you may play up with shades and add a pop of color to your strands as well. Blue works quite well with black. Rock these colors together, and create a statement hairstyle.

high bun

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