Catchy Hair Color Ideas for Black Women in 2019

The best hair color for dark skin tone is the one that complements your personality. For both light and dark skin, there are hair colors that work better than the rest. In this article, we have highlighted the best hair color ideas for black women in 2019.

hair color ideas for black women in 2019

Hair color trends for black skinned women has been rapidly changed over the year. Nowadays literally any shade can be pulled off by black women including red, yellow green, black, red blonde, pastels and rainbows. Check the pictures that I we have compiled, and get inspired for your next hair color makeover.

Light Brown Hair Color

Light brown shade is the best option for women with light brown skin tone. This shade looks super natural on dark skin while bringing out the best of it. If you are not into bold shades, try this low-maintenance hair color. It requires minimal upkeep. In case if you want your strands look healthier, consider regular uses of shampoos and conditioners.

Light Brown Hair Color

Purple Ombre: hair color ideas for black women in 2019

The following hair color idea is for anyone with dark skin. It is a sexy yet subtle tone that flatters dark skin while brightening it. The dark brown to black base keeps the hairstyle grounded. And by adding a hint of purple, you may accent your look and let your face shine. Dark roots reduce maintenance while requiring less upkeep. Just try this look for yourself and you will never regret.

Purple Ombre

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

The notion that platinum shade is not for dark skin women is in past. For dark brown skin, literally any shade of blonde from light to dark will look fabulous. Dark skin creates a great contrast with blonde shade and the result is an incredible, head-turning look. Just have a look at the picture below to imagine how the color is going to look on you if you have the same complexion.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Lilac Hair Color

It is not a secret that modern females want to stand out and the best way is to color the locks in a unique shade, such as lilac. Well, whether you decide to go for an ombre pattern, or an all-over shade you are going to give a great damage to your strands because of bleaching. Indeed, this is another shade to emphasize your lovely skin tone, but don’t forget to ask your hair colorist for color-treatments for healthier strands.

Lilac Hair Color

Red Hair Color: hair color ideas for black women in 2019

If you are looking for a playful shade, red is what you need. It is vibrant, bright and vivid. This shade tends to add lots of character to one’s look. Light red is great for light to medium brown skins while burgundy shade can be adopted by anyone with dark skin tone.

Red Hair Color

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