Cool Black Girl Hairstyles in 2019

space buns

2019 black girl hairstyles are great to express one’s personality and individuality. It is an excellent way to show off your creativity. Gorgeous box braids, stunning bobs, mind-blowing buns and crazy afros represent black women’s beauty. Today we have put together some amazing pictures of black hairstyles to give you an idea on how you can get a modern black hair look. Let’s start our journey without wasting a minute.

Box Braids

We are starting our list of black girl hairstyles with cool box braids. Box braids have been a hot trend in the past few years. Fabulous thing about these braids is that they not only make you look cool but also work great as protective styles. With box braids you don’t have to worry about your styling. At least you can rock them differently every God day. Extensions may work too.  Box BraidsCurly Bob

Is there anything that looks so hot on black women rather than curly bob. Black women hairstyles don’t necessarily have to be big and unruly. This beautiful curly bob is also painted in an adorable shade that is simply irresistible. You may pair it with statement earrings and achieve a winner hair look. Just take this picture as a good example for you.curly bobLovely Space Buns

Recently space buns gained popularity. They came in arena as cool Coachella hairdos but everyone fell in love with the style. Now these buns can be spotted everywhere. You can keep these buns subtle with a solid hair color or go on with the colorful version. Don’t avoid showing off your baby hair. It is a striking style for black bunsGrey Hair Color For Everyone

Here is a chic hair shade that bounds to transform you into a diva. Grey is a color for everyone, regardless of natural texture, natural hair shade and skin tone. Those stereotypes that not every hair color is for black women is already broken. Black-skinned women proved us that they can rock literally any shade, any haircut and any hairstyle.Grey Hair Color For EveryoneNon-Conventional Hair Color

You shouldn’t be afraid of unnatural hair colors. Just make sure to customize them for your own personality. The trick of achieving a great non-conventional hair color is to discuss with your hair colorist and make sure that the tones work on you. Achieve a fairy look like this by pulling off a wonderful hair color like this. Since it is a high maintenance style make sure to use protective hair hair color

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