Most-Protective Twisted Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

Regardless of whether you are trying to grow out your hair or you are just tired of your everyday go-to hairstyle, below we have plucked the prettiest protective twisted hairstyle ideas for 2019. Protective hairstyles are incredible for ladies who have a busy life and don’t manage to style their locks every morning.

protective twisted hairstyle ideas for 2019

Protective hairstyles may last pretty long providing with a cool look every day. Check out our favorite protective ‘dos and pick something according to your preferences.

Jumbo Twisted Pigtails

Indeed, it is an impressive hairdo for everyone with natural hair. When you have a texture like this, you will always be able to recreate this incredible hairstyle. It is all about creating jumbo twisted pigtails while styling the top with volume. It is an elegant hairdo that you can wear everywhere – from office to evening party. However, it is a fantastic hairdo to draw attention to your face.

Jumbo Twisted Pigtails

Waist-Length Twists: twisted hairstyle ideas for 2019

This hairstyle is the most popular one among black women. It is not necessary to have this hair length to achieve these waist-length twists. Opt for hair extensions to give your locks this impressive appearance. Let’s not forget that it is a protective hairstyle that tends to last several days even weeks. Rock it casually or formally and leave people with hair envy.

Waist-Length Twists

Double Rope and Twisted Buns

When it comes to protective hairstyles the options are quite versatile. If you are tired of waist-length twists, or other loose styles, you should consider wearing this amazing headdress. It requires braiding your hair and pulling them up into twisted buns. However, it is impossible not to notice the fringe like double rope braids that add an extra edge to the style.

Double Rope and Twisted Buns

Twisted Hairstyle for Short Hair

Protective hairstyles work great on short hair as well. If you don’t know how to rock these styles with your short hair, just have a look at the picture below. It is all about creating lovely twists and by playing with them, sweep to the side. It is an easy-to do hairstyle that works for women with different face shapes and hair texture.

Twisted Hairstyle for Short Hair

Huge Twists: twisted hairstyle ideas for 2019

Twists have never been so fun to wear. If you decide to copy a hairstyle like this you are bound to leave lots of people with hair envy. It is all about huge and bulky twists that are painted in a red shade. However, the look is all about extensions. Literally everyone can rock the style. In case if you are looking some advantage, this is the hairstyle you need to try.

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