Celebrities’ Medium-Length Hair for Everyone

Daring pixies and ultra-long waves, may not be the best option for everyone, but medium-length haircuts can be worn by everyone, regardless of age, natural texture, face shape and many other factors.

medium length hairstyles by celebs

You can create the most impressive updos and trendy beach waves right on your medium-length hair. Ask your hairstylist to provide you with a medium-length crop that is the best fit for your personality. Read forward to see the most impressive medium-length haircuts by celebrities.

Mendy Moore Middle Parted Waves

A chic center parting, keeps Mendy Moore’s hair out looking flat and boring. The trick is to place some strategically pieces throughout your locks and then curl them using a curling iron. Don’t try to curl the tips too much as slightly weaved tresses look way better. This headdress is a great option to bring out the highlights throughout your hair.

Mendy Moore Middle Parted Waves

Niecy Nash Asymmetrical Lob  

This the best style in between long and short tresses. The strands gradually get longer towards the front creating an asymmetrical effect. These piece-y waves can be easily achieved with the help of curling iron. Use your fingers to separate the curls from each other. It will make your look edgier without felling too bold. Everyone can adopt this style- including mature women and young ladies.Niecy Nash Asymmetrical Lob  

Marica Cross Layered Waves

When it comes to Marica Cross’s bob, it looks quite chic and splendid. The key to this look is multiple layers throughout the hair. These layers have been curled to complement her oval face shape and add extra movement to the style. To get the best of the style, make sure to get enough volume on top and then with a big barrel curling iron curl the tips.Marica Cross Layered Waves

Octavia Spencer Lob and Blunt Bangs

Octavia Spencer’s lob looks super sophisticated due to the waves and bangs. Indeed, it is a great combination to complement her round face. The bold bangs and blunt tips give some structure to her round face. Women with the same face shape should go ahead with the style, as it is the best option for them. You can still add some waves to your bob with curling iron.

Octavia Spencer Lob and Blunt Bangs

Christina Hendrick Smooth and Sleek Waves

Smooth hair doesn’t mean to be super straight. Christina Hendrick demonstrates smooth and sleek waves that are absolutely adorable. She has achieved the look with a round brush and then enhanced it with a shining serum. A chic hair color is also a great option to give it a feminine touch. Switch up your hair color and rock a lovely headdress like this.

Christina Hendrick Smooth and Sleek Waves

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