Easy Vintage Hairstyles to Bring out Your Inner Bombshell

Vintage hairstyles are all about giving you a classy and fabulous appearance. However, you don’t need to spend several hours in front of the mirror to achieve a perfect vintage hairstyle.

retro hairstyles

Most of them are easy to achieve so as soon as you figure out the technique you may master the looks. We have rounded up some easy vintage hairstyles to help you bring out your inner bombshell. Just check the pictures out and choose something for formal events or casual days.

1920s Old Hollywood Waves

You don’t need to see a professional hairstylist to create this look. These ultra-glam waves are all about right chosen hair products and a right chosen curling iron. Indeed, you may achieve the look by yourself as well. This Old Hollywood look is a modern take on finger waves of the 1920s and 1930s. It is a style that will definitely allow you to bring out your inner retro girl.

1930s Faux Bobs

Why to cut your luscious long tresses, when you can easily achieve your desired short crop by faking. To have a great faux bob, you should have layers throughout your tresses. When you pin the longer layers, short layers will create an illusion of a short bob. You may curly your bob or keep it straight. However, partings also look great when paired with a faux bob design.

faux bob

1950s Headscarf

How we love those looks with headscarves. When we think of hairstyles with headscarves the icons that come in our mind are Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and others. Headscarves represent 1950s chic looks. The best thing is that these styles are easy to get and don’t require lots of time and effort. All you need to do is to style your hair in a bun and apply the headscarf.

hairstyle with headscarf

1960s Hair Flip

When it comes to retro hairstyles the options are really versatile. 1960s had such amazing hair trends that they indeed, worth trying nowadays. Regardless of your hair length, you can get a hair flip easily. All you need to do is to give your tips a simple flip. There are several ways to do that, watch some tutorials and choose the method that is the best for you.

hair flip

1960s Brigitte Bardot Half Updo

Brigitte Bardot’s iconic bouffant hairstyles are trendy right now like never. She is the greatest inspiration for ladies that want to try a new style that is feminine and subtle. The best thing is that bouffant hairdos are not difficult to achieve. It is all about teasing your crown part to create a bouffant and turn the rest of strands in a simple half updo.

half updo

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