Chic Cornrow Braids Hairstyles 2019

When thinking of hip-hop, first thing that comes to our mind is cornrows. Cornrows come in countless patterns and styles. Cornrows have been around for many years and are protective hairstyles for Afro-American women. From braided to twisted, thick to thin, colorful to monochrome, there is no limits for creative cornrow options. In order to give you better ideas on these amazing braided styles, we have compiled cornrow braids hairstyles 2019.

cornrow braids hairstyles 2019

Braided Braids

Gorgeously embellished cornrows are incredible. This sassy style is all about extensions that have been fed into the cornrows and embellished with beads in a variety of shades and shapes. This hairstyle is a great fit for a princess. However, the most sophisticated cornrows require using hair extensions. Gone are the day when you had to have kinky texture for rocking the style.

Chic Cornrow Braids

Cornrows Dutch Braids Combination

You are into complicated ‘dos? Well you will love this mix of braids. Create a statement pattern by braiding your locks from the center towards the ears in a cornrow pattern. Dutch braids add extra dose of fun to the style. Cornrows pair with Dutch braids take the innocent schoolgirl pigtails a notch higher. Indeed, it is a complicated style that requires some skills to achieve.

Cornrows Dutch Braids Combination

Swirly Cornrows: cornrow braids hairstyles 2019

When you can’t commit between afros and cornrows, choose both. Ask your hairstylist to create swirly cornrows and let the rest of your strands fly freely. The cornrows in the front will never let your hair fall down your eyes. It is another type of half up half down hairstyle that works great on afro texture. Get the style for yourself and stand out in the crowd.

Swirly Cornrows

Floral Protective Hairstyle

Whoever said that protective hairstyles can’t be rocked on your wedding day, was wrong. It is possible to create a mind-blowing hairdo by going for two simple diagonal cornrows and leave the rest of your strands natural and loose. The goal is a half up half down hairstyle that looks great on thick mane. Gorgeous flowers are used to give a formal feel to the style.

Floral Protective Hairstyle

Pink Dutch Braid Cornrows: cornrow braids hairstyles 2019

What about a colorful style? If you are looking for a vibrant hairstyle, this idea will work for you. It is not necessary to switch up your hair color to achieve this look- consider pink extensions. Weave them with the braids and get a colorful hairstyle. Note that you have an opportunity to pick your favorite shades. When it comes to a hairstyle, it requires mixing Dutch braids and cornrows.

Pink Dutch Braid Cornrows

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