Fantastic French Braid Ponytails Hairstyles 2019

A French braid and ponytail may remind you of your school days, but the following french braid ponytails 2019 will provide you with a stylish and trendy look. There are so many ways to experiment with French braids.

french braid ponytails 2019

Be that a side, back or front braid, your ponytail is going to have a fantastic look. Perhaps it is the easiest way to introduce some interest to a regular ponytail. Go on reading and explore some cool French braid and ponytail combinations.  

Flowy Side Braid: french braid ponytails 2019

The side French braid is all about romance. First of all, you need to know how to weave a French braid although it is our childhood braid and almost every girl knows how to do that. When it comes to this French braid you need to work with a loose tension and medium sections of locks at the crown bringing the braid along one side and down the nape. Free the wisps out of your bread to make the look complete.

Flowy Side Braid

French Braid and Bubbles

You should never fear of experimenting with several hairstyles for a single unique hairdo. Mix the things up to achieve an updo that no one else has. Here is a gorgeous style that requires blending a bubble ponytail with a French braid. The headdress requires braiding just a small top section for adding some decoration to the bubbles. It is just a right hairstyle for adventures ladies.

French Braid and Bubbles

Soft Ponytail: french braid ponytails 2019

A French braid infused into ponytail looks just incredible. It can add lots of volume and body to your hair. Start the look by spraying a texturizing spray. Then you will need to tease the back of your hair. It is a fun look that creates a fabulous hairstyle option for formal and casual days. Luckily, the braid works on medium length hair too.

Soft Ponytail

Triple Braid Style

Braided hairstyles look incredibly gorgeous, so whenever you need some inspiration, just check out some pictures of braided hairdos and get a right dose of inspiration. What do you think about triple braided styles? Indeed, they are ultra-feminine, and one of the best examples is shown below. It is all about creating three French braids on the side of your head and gather them into a ponytail.

Triple Braid Style

French Braid and Ponytail

French braids are elegant and they can be rocked formally too. This two-tone hair looks super just because of the braided ponytail. The front is weaved into several braids and then pulled back in a ponytail. Consider wrapping some sections over your ponytail for a great look like this. Don’t try to overdo the updo as it looks a lot better in a messy pattern. Finish the look with statement earrings.

French Braid and Ponytail

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