Festival-Approved Hairstyles for Every Lady

If you are looking for the easiest way to update your festival hairstyles, you are in the right place, in a right moment. I have compiled the most fascinating festival-approved hairstyles for every lady. Festive hairstyles should be fun, comfy, easy to do and of course, stylish.

festival-approved hairstyles

Whether you decide to rock a down-do or updo, you may always spice it up with festive-ready elements. Glitters, colorful extensions, beads and headbands make the best patterns for celebrations. Click on the button “read more” and explore some cool ideas.

Color Hairspray and Bob Haircut

I have already mentioned that you may use various patterns to enhance your festival hairstyle. For example, to get this hairstyle you don’t need to color your locks in a bold red or blue, instead you may use color hair spray that easily washes out. Give your locks a pastel update without any damaging hair products. When it comes to styling, you need to apply a right amount of hair gel and simply comb your locks back.

Color Hairspray and Bob Haircut

Half Space Buns: festival-approved hairstyles

Space buns are approved to be the best hairstyles for carnivals and festivals. Every beauty blogger has already managed to rock half up half downs space buns. They look so cute and plus they are easy to wear. Have a look at the style below. It requires sectioning your locks and pulling them up in a regular half up half down hairdo. You may apply some glitter to your locks for a full festival look.

Half Space Buns

Braided Hairstyle

This season festival braids are all about being neat and tight. The braids have a power to provide either with super bold or subtle appearance. It is an excellent hairstyle for your third-day hair. Braided hairdos are all in range and you have countless options to choose from. Use your creativity to get truly unique braids. Note that braids look great on any hair length including, long short and medium.

Braided Hairstyle

Braids and Colorful Extensions: festival-approved hairstyles

Here is another way of experimenting with our favorite braids. Bulk out braids and add a pastel twist by weaving in rainbow wool. Colorful extensions will brighten up your look while making it even more fun. Feel free to experiment with your favorite pastels. The colors will never damage your tresses and anyone can get them regardless of texture and complexion.

Braids and Colorful Extensions

Bantu Knots

This hairstyle are not only for black women anymore. Bantu knots have been spotted on catwalks too. They are so fun and will definitely provide you with an excellent festival hairstyle. They are easy to create as all you need to do is to draw some partings and by sectioning your hair, twist in several Bantu knots. It is an excellent hairstyle for ladies who want to stand out in the crowd.

Bantu Knots

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