Half Shaved Hairstyles 2019

While shaving all of your hair may be too much of statement, shaving one side is gaining popularity day by day. It has become one of the most favorite hairstyles for bold women. The thing that may scare you about shaving your hair is the fear of not knowing how to style the long side. Here are some of our favorite half shaved hairstyles 2019.

half shaved hairstyles 2019

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Air-Dried Waves 

Indeed, half-shaved hairstyles 2019 may not be as effortless as completely bald looks, but you may still opt for a look that requires less maintenance. Get your heat tool and you are halfway there. Try out this wavy hairstyle that is totally fitting for a day spent on the beach. However, it is not necessary to use a hair tool to achieve waves, there are alternative ways.

Super Straight Hair

Hairstyles come and go but there is always a place for straight strands. Add a classic touch to your current bold haircut by keeping your half part super sleek and straight. When it comes to chic straight hair, straightener is the most important pattern. Run with it throughout your hair and create a chic look that is simply outstanding.

Super Straight Hair

French Braid

When you want to enhance your look, simply throw in a simple braid and take your mane to the next level. This time we came up with a French braid that is no less chic and sophisticated than other types. Style your braid in a side by showing off your boldly shaved side. You will end up with a unique asymmetrical hairstyle that is worth trying.

French Braid

Bouncy Blowout

You can achieve bouncy blowout hairstyle at home as well. Everyone will think that you just left the blowout bar. To get the style, apply heat protectant before styling your locks. Use your round brush and blow dryer and dry your hair. Then use the curling iron to give the tips of your locks some curls for a full blowout. Finish the look with a serum for extra shine.

Bouncy Blowout

Top Knot: half shaved hairstyles 2019

Perhaps you will agree with me that, shaved side loses it is meaning when you don’t show it off. Well, in order to display the beauty of your shaved haircut, opt for a simple yet ultra-feminine topknot. Shaved side haircuts and top knots are the best friends ever, so combine these two styles together for a true unique look.

Top Knot

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