Teenage Hairstyle Ideas for 2019

teenage girl hairstyle

Teenage girls are always in search of a new hairstyle. Some ladies prefer to show off their boldness with a daring haircut, while others keep things subtle and feminine with a tender hairstyle. Regardless of your preferences, you should check out these amazing teenage girl hairstyles for 2019. Braids and accessories are part of teenage hairstyles. Everyone loves these patterns as they easily take one’s look a notch higher. If you are ready, let’s start.

Spiked Headband

You are young and wild and you want to introduce some edge to your style? Here is a great youthful hairdo for you- a ponytail hairstyle with spiky headband. The advantage of wearing this hairstyle is that it is not only speaks of your young soul but also perfectly hides your unwashed hair. As far as you can see the headband is a great match for a low ponytail.

Spiked Headband

Side Braid Style

Get a chic braided hairstyle on a busy morning and create this amazing look that is purposely messy and loose. It is possible to redo the braid during the day. You can do it even without a mirror. It is an excellent headdress for casual days. Easy, chic and catchy, these are the best words to describe this fabulous hairstyle for teenage girls.

loose side braid

Braided Twist

When it comes to hairstyles for teenage girls, braids are always on point. Here is another braided hairstyle that is strikingly beautiful. It requires pulling the front strands into two braids and slowly incorporate into one braid on the back of your head. Finish the look by twisting the braids into a bun. However, any type of braid works for this look- special braiding skills are not required.

braided twist

Bouffant Bun

Put your hair on top of your head and secure in a mini beehive hairstyle. This look is all about teasing your strands before pulling them up. Teasing is necessary for giving the bun extra volume and provide with fluffy texture. Accentuate your retro-inspired hairstyle with red lips and a pair of sunglasses. Young ladies will definitely love this gorgeous style.

Bouffant Bun

Natural Curls

If you have natural curls, this wash and go style is for you. Embrace your lovely natural curls with a look like this. It is all about applying a blue headband into messy natural curls for a feminine and girly touch. However, the choice of headband is up to you. If you are a teenage girl, don’t hesitate to pull off this striking style.

Natural Curls

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