Au Natural Hairstyles That are Trending in 2019

“Au natural” hair has gone viral on Instagram and Pinterest. People gravitate more and more towards effortless hairstyles. These ravishing hairstyles are our favorites. The word “natural” already defines the types of hairstyles you are going to see. They are effortless, don’t require special skills to achieve. It is all about messy, unkempt and disheveled strands that fall out of your updo or downdo. Now, go on reading and discover the best ideas of au natural trendy hairstyles 2019 as well.

trendy hairstyles 2019


Down ‘dos are the hottest trends you were searching for. But what kind of down ‘do to rock in order to make a fashion statement? Well, obviously, beach waves are thing to consider. Messy and undone beach waves have been seen everywhere. Females love the style and rocking it will make them a fashion-forward female. Loose beach waves work with every outfit.


Loose Braids: Trendy hairstyles 2019

Au natural hair requires no damaging tools and products but a loose braid requires some effort. It is easy to create particularly when you have braiding skills. At least you don’t need to use hair products or tools. The type of braid is up to you- be that fishtail, Dutch or regular you are going to look great. Note that loose braids work exceptionally well on long-haired ladies.

Loose Braids

Undone Updo

Undone updos are being spotted even on wedding parties. As you can see disheveled and unkempt hairstyles are not only for casual days anymore. Feel free to rock them formally too. To get the style you need to sweep your hair back and secure with bobby pins, leave some wisps for a natural effect. Remember you need to leave an impression like you haven’t styled your locks after waking up.

Undone Updo

Half up Half Down

Half up half down hairstyles are all in range. It is impossible not to fall in love with effortless yet ultra-feminine look of the styles. The best example is shown below. It is a half up half down hairstyle that requires throwing in a simple three-strand braid for a better look. This half updo is great to create on longer strands. It is a natural hairstyle that is worth trying.

Half up Half Down

Twisted Half Updo: Trendy hairstyles 2019

What about twists? They also provide with an effortless look. Some twisted hairstyles require several minutes to achieve. All you need to do is to twist your locks and pin with bobby pins. No need to overdone anything. Keep it messy and disheveled. Indeed, it is an Instagram-worthy hairstyle that will bring you lots of followers.

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