Upgraded Hairstyles for 2019

When it comes to upgraded hairstyles for 2019, hair accessories are in. They are the main patterns that take the look a notch higher. There are so many reasons why we are in love with hair accessories. They not only look insanely cute, but also save you from bad hair day.

upgraded hairstyles for 2019

These little patterns may immediately upgrade your hairstyle. Whether you decide to style your locks in an updo or down-do, with a piece of accessory you may get a whole new hairstyle. Accessories are super versatile, so the choice is up to you.

Half up Half down with Bow

Half up half down hairstyle has never been so sexy and feminine. It comes from a lovely accessory applied to the style. A simple piece of accessory takes the entire look a notch higher. Indeed, you may choose your favorite type of adornment, but have a look at this gorgeous bow. It works great for accessorizing your half up and half down hairstyle. It will take 3 minutes to update your everyday half updo.

Half up Half down with Bow

Epingle Hairpin

We have already managed to see how versatile hairpins can be. If you use them smartly you are bound to create a serious statement hairstyle. The following epingle hairpin is used to secure this twisted bun. Obviously, the golden pin creates a contrasting look with a raven black hair color. Indeed, this accessory can be used both casually and formally.

Epingle Hairpin

DIY Hair Accessories: upgraded hairstyles for 2019

Creating a traditional chignon is just a matter of several minutes, but what if you are already tired of the same look? Well, it means that’s the highest moment to upgrade your everyday chignon. Make sure to use creative hair accessories to give your chignon a striking appearance. A simple hair accessory gives a whole new look to the regular chignon.

DIY Hair Accessories

Small Hairpins

Small hair pins are great for adding a visual interest to your style. There are so many creative pins that you may use to accessorize your updo or downdo. Here we included a gorgeous idea for young ladies who are looking for a little bit adventurous hairstyle. The strands are pulled back in a high updo and then adorned with some pins in a shape of bee.

Small Hair Pins

Braided Bun and Hair Accessory: upgraded hairstyles for 2019

Here is a Greece Goddess inspired hairstyle that looks great on anyone. Indeed, to give your updo this vibe, you will need to use a right headband. Have a look at the effortless style shown below. All you need to do is to create a braided updo and finish the look with a following headband.

Braided Bun and Hair Accessory

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