Lovely Accessories for Your Next Hairstyle

hair accessories

No one is against the scrunchie and it is already here but there are many other adornments that you may try to give a sophisticated touch to your tresses. Both retro and modern accessories are great when you have the urge to spice things up. If you have spent lots of time for finding the best accessories, perhaps it is the highest moment to look elsewhere for inspiration. Here we have put together lovely accessories for your next hairstyle.

Exposed Booby Pin and Bob

90’s hair pieces are here to give a ravishing touch to your strands. Just have a look at Bella Hadid. She accessorized her fashion-forward bob with a single bobby pin. It takes things a step forwards while making the bob even more stylish. When it comes to styling, add a texturizing hairspray to your damp strands to give your bob a swingy texture.

bob with pin

Braid with Ribbon

If you are tired of a regular braid, follow Ratajkowski ‘s example and add a simple black ribbon to your style. The look has been finished with lovely tendrils left out of the braid. However, before weaving your strands spritz your strands with texturizing spray to keep any strands from falling out of your braid. It is a great style for women with medium to long hair. With a gorgeous ribbon, you can turn your casual braid into something formal.

braid with ribbon

Crystallized Headband

If ballerina bun is the only solution for keeping your strands under control, you should consider coping this outstanding hairdo for yourself. You can always upgrade the style for weddings and parties by adding bejeweled headband to the style. You never need to give up on your favorite hairstyle, instead you may use your favorite accessories to change things up.

Crystallized Headband

Floral Hair Pins

The only surprising thing about this updo, is that how easy it is to achieve. All you need to do is to give your strands a deep side part and pull them back in a simple low ponytail. Then twist it up in a simple bun style at the nape of your neck. After creating the updo, you will need to secure these lovely hair pins. Placement of the pins is up to you.

Floral Hair Pins

Hair Jewelry

You don’t need to choose between the accessories when you can use all of them together. Take cue from Rita Ora’s outstanding ponytail. It is accessorized with lovely jewelries. If you are going to rock the same style, make sure to keep your hair sleek, otherwise accessories may not look that impressive. This hairstyle is great to wear in formal settings too.

Hair Jewelry

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