Space Bun Hairstyles 2019

The popularity of space buns has increased twice. These buns are known to be the best party hairstyles ever. They are great to rock at festivals or carnivals. This time space buns get a serious update with braids and twists. Since space buns are easy to create and super low-maintenance. Space buns are great for females who prefer keeping their strands out of the face. Below I have included space bun hairstyles 2019. You have an opportunity to see different types of space buns. Choose your favorite option.

space bun hairstyles 2019

Space bun hairstyles 2019: Space Buns for Natural Hair

If you have natural hair, we have a great option for you. Separate your strands into two parts and pull the sections high and secure in little ponytails. You will get a Barbie doll like look that is not only adorable but also protective. Just have a look at this model. She sports double buns on her curly hair. It is an Instagram-worthy hair look that will definitely bring you lots of followers.

updo for natural

Little Space Buns

These buns look neater and more polish that the previous ones. However, there are still wisps and flyaway strands that don’t let the buns be fully polished. As for styling, you need to separate your strands into two parts and by twisting the sections, secure with bobby pins. If you have a trendy hair color such as beach blonde, your buns will stand out.

double buns

Upside Braided Buns

Any hairstyle, paired with braids gets a delicate and feminine look and buns too. Update your regular double buns with upside down braids. Braided buns are ultra-charming and feminine. If you apply some glitter to the style, you will get a festive-ready hairstyle, just like the one you see below.

Upside Braided Buns

Space bun hairstyles 2019: Pastel Space Buns

Here is an exciting hairstyle for ladies who are feeling a little bit bold today. The buns are spiced up with a cotton candy hair color. This vivid and bright shade takes the buns a notch higher. It is the greatest style for ladies who are looking for extra attention. However, it is a high-maintenance hairstyle that requires regular touchups for a fresh look.

Pastel Space Buns

Half Double Buns

It is not necessary to go for an all over up-style to get an amazing look. Go ahead with half double buns and demonstrate your incredible locks. The headdress looks exceptionally gorgeous on women with medium to long hair. Don’t hesitate to involve some braids into the style as well. Simple patterns will enhance your half buns while giving you a stunning appearance.

half buns

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