Men’s Hairstyles 2019

Men’s hairstyles for 2019 are getting better and better. Gone are the days when men used to wear a single type of hairdo. With the passage of time, men’s hairstyles have become more creative and catchy. Undercuts, spikes, pompadours and classic slicked back styles are still the most requested looks. Check these pictures and never underestimate the importance of the choice.

Men’s Dreadlocks Hairstyles to Try Now

Men’s hairstyles are pretty versatile nowadays. Guys don’t fear anymore to pull off extreme and statement hairstyles. Today we rounded up men’s dreadlocks hairstyles that you can try even right now.

men’s dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks can be styled in different kinds of updos and downdos. If you don’t know how to experiment with dreads, check out these striking hairdos and consider getting one of them. Note that some of these styles require regular touchups to keep them in shape.

Ivy League Haircuts for Men 2019

Ivy league haircut that is also known with the names of Princeton and Harvard clip features a part. It is one of the shortest crops for men that help keeping things neat and clean. It is impossible to go wrong with this cut; however, you may try it with a modern twist. Ivy League crop is possible to style either to the side or back. I have mentioned that it is a short crop but still you have lots of styling option. Prepare yourself for the coolest Ivy League haircuts for men 2019.

Ivy League haircuts for men 2019

Charming Hairstyles for Older Men 2019

If you are already in your forties, you need to change your hairstyle into something innovative. Gone are the days when men used to rock only one type of hairstyle all year around. Indeed, appearance is quite important as it the mirror of your personality. Well, just get your haircut done and get ready to enjoy the makeover. Indeed, you deserve to have a younger look, and it is possible when you have a new fresh crop. Right now, you should touch the button “read more” and explore some charming hairstyles for older men 2019.

charming hairstyles for older men 2019

Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2019

Every type of hairstyle for men works on wavy hair. Waves are great to add movement and flow to your strands and enhance your appearance. Waves are blessing for trendy textured crops but they tend to bring something special for sleek hairstyles as well. If you are not into fuss and messy styles, work with hair products. Men who are in love with waves but they don’t have them naturally, should still consider using hair products and tools. Below I have compiled wavy hairstyles for men 2019.

wavy hairstyles for men 2019

Men’s Short Hairstyles 2019

Men’s hairstyle trends are also growing in versatility. Many years ago, you wouldn’t have so many options to choose from but now it is even hard to pick something. Be that short or long, you have plenty of ideas to consider. In order to give you better ideas on how you can experiment with short hair, we have compiled men’s short hairstyles 2019.

men’s short hairstyles 2019

Popular Ivy League, Caesar, buzz and other crops are still in mainstream. The key to excellent short crop, is the right chosen patterns such as taper fades, razor elements etc. Let’s start without wasting even a minute.

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019: Neckline Hair Designs

Men have been spotted rocking the most incredible patterns on their necks. Shortly, neck is also a great canvas for masterpieces. Most of the styles draw their inspiration from popular V-shaped haircuts. V-shaped designs are great to take your haircut a notch higher.

mens hairstyles with designs

You may use your imagination and go creative with designs. If you have no idea about hair designs scroll down to see men’s hairstyle trends 2019 with neckline hair designs in 2019. Note that you can recreated these designs on any type of texture and hair length. 

Modern Pompadour Hairstyles for Men in 2019

Men’s pomp hairstyle never goes out of style. There are lots of reasons why pompadours are so popular among men. Men can adopt countless pompadour haircuts for themselves and rock. Pompadours are easy to style plus they can be worn both casually and formally.

hairstyles for men 2019

Modern version of pomp looks pretty cool with taper fade. Go on reading to see some modern pompadour hairstyles for men in 2019. You can get any of these styles regardless of your texture and face shape.

Hairstyles for EMO Guys in 2019

Hairstyles for EMO Guys in 2019

EMO hairstyles for men are popular since 1980s when the punk music was hitting the streets. But nowadays you don’t need to be affected by music to sport these hairdos. EMO hairstyles are mostly radiant and confident. They stand out because of their boldness and brightness. If you are looking for excellent hairstyles for EMO guys in 2019, you are in luck, because below we have put together some amazing crops that everyone can sport regardless of whether he is a part of EMO group or not.

Men’s Popular Hairstyles for 2019

Here I have gathered men’s popular hairstyles for 2019 that take trends to the next level. Men’s hairstyles are obviously evolving day by day. Some of these haircuts take a little bit time, money and effort to get, but you will see that they are totally worth.

mens hairstyles

A great hairstyle tends to enhance and complete any outfit you wear. If you are planning to get a new crop for yourself, just check these pictures for some more inspo.

Stylish Hairstyles for Men with Thin Hair in 2019

Worrying of thinning hair is just a waste of time. It is not a secret that with the passage of time most of men experience hair thinning. Nowadays it is not a huge problem. The trick is to find an excellent hairstyle for your texture. We offer super stylish hairstyles for men’s thinning hair in 2019.

mens stylish hairstyles for thinning hair

Indeed, you may find something here that works both with your texture and personality. With a right trim, you will not only hide your thinning strands, but also achieve a mind-blowing hair look. Let’s see what we have prepared for you.