Ponytail Hairstyles 2019

Ponytail hairstyles for 2019 are evolving. You can adopt your favorite ponytail and personalize it for your own taste. Ponytails can be paired with braids and twists. You may always throw in several braids and get a whole new look. Braids soften the ponytail and give it even more interesting look. However, even without braids a traditional ponytail looks just great particularly when paired with a twisted base. Here we have galleries packed with straight or wavy, polished or sassy ponytails.

Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2019

There are hairstyles for all face shapes and you need to find the best idea for your face. Be that square, heart-shaped or long face you have plenty of options to choose from. Today we focused on round face and compiled amazing hairstyles for women with round faces in 2019.

hairstyles for round faces

While choosing a hairdo for this shape, you need to keep in mind that the particular haircut or hairstyle should give visual length to your face. These flattering hairstyles will give you a basic idea on how you can achieve a perfect look with a right chosen hairstyle.

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019

Looking for trendy hairstyles for your long hair? No need to go far, just flick through our pick of Instagram and runway styles and get a fashion-forward hairstyle for yourself. Long hair is an excellent canvas for various downdos and updos. Long hairstyles will always be in mainstream, so you don’t need to chop off your strands for a stylish hairdo. Some of these cute hairstyles for long hair 2019 require only several minutes to achieve, even though long hair is more difficult to manage rather than short hair.

cute hairstyles for long hair 2019

Top 5 Hailey Baldwin’s Hairstyles That Stole the Show

Hailey Baldwin is one of our favorite fashion icons that know how to get everything right. Her hairstyles are something to die for. Ponytails and braids make an important part of her image. She has already spotted with these striking ‘dos many times. Have a look at top 5 Hailey Baldwin’s hairstyles that stole the show.

Hailey Baldwin’s hairstyles

If you haven’t chosen a headdress for you yet, try one of her looks and prepare yourself for lots of pleasant comments.

New York Street Style: Best Hairstyles 2019

During fashion months, New York’s streets become flooded with fashion gurus, trendsetters, models and ordinary people who like to be a part of this amazing celebration. Badass bobs, natural curls and incredible ponytails are seen everywhere.

hairstyles from new york city

However, we have put together some incredible hairstyles right from New York’s streets. This City is one of the most popular fashion centers that welcome popular designers from all over the world. Regardless of your preferences and views, you will definitely find great looks to draw your inspiration from. 

Runway Stolen Hairstyles for Natural Hair in 2019

Very few things may surprise us from catwalks since we used to see everything- both negative and positive. Spring 2018 has pushed us a step further by providing so much needed diversity -especially with hair.

natural hairstyles

Designers gave models some amazing hairstyles that are great for natural hair (cornrows, twists, micro braids and of course new color solutions). There are quite a few runway looks that deserve  a screenshot and visit to your hairstylist. Go on reading to see some runway stolen hairstyles for natural hair in 2019.

Kendall Jenner’s Best Hairstyle Moment for 2019

Being a popular top model, Kendall Jenner is an inspiration for everyone. Her styles are always in the center of attention and everyone follows her to see what she is going to wear tomorrow. Today we are going to look back Kendall Jenner’s best hairstyle moments for 2019.

hairstyles by Kendall

As long as Kendall rocks these hairstyles, every fashion-forward women can copy them. Medium is Kendall’s prominent hair length. Go on reading to see Kendall’s hairstyles right from catwalks, streets and festivals. 

Pretty Ponytails for Lazy Gals

Every night you promise yourself that you will wake up early in the morning and style your hair in gorgeous waves. But the hardest thing is to make you wake up early in the morning. Being lazy doesn’t mean to look sloppy-try one of these pretty ponytail hairstyles and no one will guess that you didn’t manage to wash your hair for two or three days.

ponytail hairstyles

Note that these amazing hairdos are super easy and super effortless. Everyone can get a ponytail including ladies with short to medium hair. Scroll down to know more!

Powerful Hairstyle Ideas for Confident Women for 2019


Nowadays females are business women, caring mothers and beloved wives. Well, to carry all these duties, they need to have enough confidence and strength. The confidence comes from knowledge and intellectual quality but only knowledge is not enough, you also need to have an appropriate appearance. Modern females prefer accentuating their smartness with a right outfit and hairstyle. It is really easy to keep things professional while maintaining a sense of style. Go on reading to see some powerful hairstyles for confident women for 2019.

Chic Wedding Hairstyles for Every Bride In 2019

Whether it is going to be your big day, you are acting like a bridesmaid or just a guest, we have got perfect wedding hairstyles for you in 2019. These up-to-date hairstyles will accessorize any female bringing out the best of her features. Indeed, deciding on wedding dress is hard but sometimes choosing a hairstyle can be even harder.

wedding hairstyles

From tousled waves to chic updos and accessorized down-dos, are available for a wedding party. We have chosen the best of the best in wedding hairstyles.

2019 Romantic Hairstyle Ideas

romantic hairstyles

The weather gets colder day by day. Now you can wear your hair up or down, opt for layers and finish with accessories. Bold hairstyles are still in trend but you shouldn’t forget about romantic and subtle ‘dos as well. The romantic styles mostly come with braids and twists. Instagram beauty bloggers never stop surprising use with braided, twisted updos and downdos. Beside these, beach waves also create the most feminine hairdos. Go on reading to see some stunning romantic hairstyles for 2019.