Short Hairstyles 2019

In this category of short hairstyles for 2018 you will see rebellious pixies with undercuts, wavy bobs/lobs in different colors, long and short bangs etc. Whether you prefer subtle and feminine hairstyles or you want to go bold, you will definitely find your favorite look among these gorgeous pictures. Draw your inspiration from countless images selected below.

Best Hairstyle Moments of the Week

If you are curious to know which hairstyles have been spotted on models yesterday or the day before, check out our post about best hairstyle ideas of the week. While doing our research we have used catwalk, Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration.

hairstyles of the week

By choosing one of these hairstyles, you can be sure that you look stylish as these trends are what popular bloggers and models wear. Before checking the pictures, keep in your mind that you can recreate any of the following styles you want. Due to contemporary styling tools, literally everything is possible to get.

SS Best Hairstyle Ideas from LFW 2019

london fashion week hairstyles

London Fashion Week is already over. All you need to do is to crave the best looks from fashion shows and personalize them for your own taste. Since, these shows are not only about clothes and shoes, you may find the best hairstyles and colors too. If you have big hair with lots of texture, we highly recommend you embracing it. Regardless of your hair length you have countless styling options. While styling your tresses don’t forget of chic accessories such as clips, beads, bows and headbands. Go on reading to find SS best hairstyle ideas from LFW 2019.

A/W Hairstyle Trends that Made Our Jaws Drop

runway inspired hairstyles

Autumn/winter hairstyle trends are officially explored. These trends are meant to bring out the strong features of women. They are meant to provide them with lots of confidence and enhance their elegance. Hairstylist found creative ways to provide women with the best of look. Prepare yourself for strong plaits, powerful full fringes and retro inspired hairdos. Here are A/W hairstyles trends that made out jaws drop. I am sure you will have something to choose from.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair in 2019

medium length hairstyles

When it comes to thin hair, there is nothing better than medium length hairstyles. You can truly create lots of cool ‘dos on medium hair, including loose updos, various types of braids, twists and even ponytails. Textured hairstyles are great to add visual thickness to your thin hair. Messy touch of the strands will save you when you are in rush. If you are planning to chop off your strands or you have already had this cut and you are looking for an amazing hairstyle, check out these medium length hairstyles for thin hair in 2019.

Grammy Awards: Best Hairstyle Inspiration for 2019

Most of fashion gurus and trendsetters wait for gammy awards to discover new styles. Indeed, red carpet is never boring. Day by day, celebrities try to find new interesting solutions for a creative red carpet look. A-listers have always been inspiring for ordinary people.

hairstyles from grammy awards

They prove that even with a simple hairdo you may create a red-carpet worthy look. Check out these celebrity-inspired hairstyles for 2019 stolen right from Grammy Awards I am sure you will find something striking for you.

Wispy Bangs Hairstyles to Revamp your Look in 2019

hairstyles with wispy bangs

If you think that it is the right moment to shake up your look, check out these wispy bangs hairstyles for 2019 that are meant to revamp your look. Perhaps bangs make the easiest way to have a whole new look, without sacrificing your hair length. There are some types of wispy bangs that suit pretty much to any person out there. In a word, everyone can rock bangs hairstyles. Here are some inspirational pictures to help you along the way.

Celebrities That Drastically Cut Their Hair Short

celebrities short haircuts

Celebrities and Superstars are known for undergoing dramatic transformations. They do that either for making a fashion statement or for portraying a certain role they are playing. We have already noticed that it is not a big deal for them to change their hair colors into something very bold or chopping the stands off into something very short. Just remember Cara Delevingne, when she stepped up with a shaved head it was surprising for everyone. So today we are going to talk about celebrities that drastically cut their hair short. If you are interested to see them just scroll down.

Biggest SS 2019 Hairstyle Trends from NYFW

Everyone knows that runway hairstyles are a little bit extravagant and catchy so they are hard to implement in everyday life. But the biggest SS 2019 hairstyle trends from NYFW are different. This time popular designers decided to put the accent on natural hairstyles.


Lots of stylists preferred to keep things simple with short masculine haircuts, while others whet for chic beach waves and braided hairstyles. Indeed, hair accessories are the most important part of these hairstyle trends. Go on reading, to see your favorite hairstyle straight from NYFW.

Casual Short Hairstyles for 2019

Casual hairstyles relate to messy buns and ponytails but it doesn’t mean that if you have short hair you can’t rock cool messy hairdos. Short hairstyles are quicker and easier to achieve. They look great both in straight and wavy hair. Casual short hairstyles for 2019 include extravagant, avant-garde, exaggerated styles.

messy hairstyles

The advantage of getting these styles is that they are absolutely low-maintenance. Below are included the best short styles that are messy, disheveled and unkempt. Read more to know more.

Great Comeback of ‘80s Hairstyles in 2019

80s inspired hairstyles

‘80s hairstyles are all about extra volume, bright and statement hair colors. People loved to express their emotions and feeling through hair. Nowadays you can still use this way of expressing yourself. Luckily big curls and feathered bangs came back, even though there are many other trends that are here. 1980s have been such an iconic decade for hair that it is definitely worth looking back and trying to recreate some of the styles. Below you will see some 80s hairstyles for 2019 that are adorable and super stylish.