Taylor Swift’s Hairstyle Evolution

If you follow Taylor Swift perhaps you have already known how many transformations she has been through and including hair changes. To remind you of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle changes, we have rounded up her best and most memorable hairstyle moment.

Taylor Swift’s hairstyle changes

You will see her transformation from curling-iron curls to platinum- blonde bob. Regardless of whether you are a fan of Taylor Swift or not, you need to see these outstanding hairstyles for your ultimate inspiration. These hairstyles are something to die for.

Voluminous Curls

She started with perfectly spiraled curls in 2006. This is one of her signature hairstyles that set her apart from others. Thanks to her natural texture, this hairstyle looks just amazing on her. There are so many methods to get these curls. If you are not into damaging hair tools, we highly recommend you braid your damp hair before sleeping and untie them only in the morning.

Voluminous Curls

Taylor Swift’s hairstyle: Loose Waves

In 2011, she loosened up her curls for a striking look like this. Her long waves cascade down her shoulder creating a great hairstyle. It is a red-carpet worthy hair look that is great for everyone. The most important thing is to use a right barrel of curling iron to get these chic waves. After getting the waves finish the look by brushing your waves.

Loose Waves


In the same year, she decided to play with hair iron and make her locks straight and smooth. Then she pulled her straight hair in a side ponytail. This effortless and chic ponytail shows off her young soul. It is a great hairstyle idea for everyone that desires to change up her appearance with a lovely and easy-to-do hairdo. To give your pony a formal vibe, pair it with statement earrings.


Taylor Swift’s hairstyle: Beachy Bob

In 2014, she chopped off her locks into a beachy lob. Everyone will admit that this long bob or lob is one the best styles that Taylor has ever rocked. It gives her a feminine touch while flattering her texture and face shape. Well, everyone loves this lob as it is low maintenance and doesn’t require you to spend lots of time in front of the mirror.

Beachy Bob

Taylor-Swift Blonde

Taylor Swift has experimented with various blonde shades but this particular one grabbed our attention. This Taylor-Swift blonde made everyone to bleach their stands to the lightest shade of blonde. Before Taylor would dye her locks back to a natural shade, she rocked this amazing tone of blonde. If you are bold as Taylor, get the color for yourself.

Taylor-Swift Blonde

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