Auburn Hair Colors 2019

You may think of red as a bold tone, but auburn is an extremely rich shade that flatters an array of skin tones. Being a striking hair color, burgundy has countless sub-tones. Whether, you decide to go for a shade that leans brown or embraces orange, auburn is a great way to add extra warmth and depth to your hair. Auburn can be applied using different techniques. It is the highest moment to upgrade your current hair color with one of these amazing auburn hair colors 2019.

auburn hair colors 2019

Classic Auburn Hair Color

Here is a classic variation of a rich auburn hair color. This shade comes first in our mind when thinking of an auburn hair color. Auburn hair color falls somewhere in between dark brown and red hair colors. It is still a low-maintenance tone that doesn’t require frequent visits to hair salon. Indeed, auburn is the greatest shade to upgrade your brown or red hair color.

Classic Auburn Hair Color

Rust Hair Color

This warm shade creates an enviable auburn tone. Some women are naturally blessed with a lovely hair color like this. But if you are not, that doesn’t mean you should give up on the shade. Luckily, modern techniques all us to get our desired tones. However, it is extremely important to take into consideration your skin tone and eye color.

Rust Hair Color

Light Auburn Hair Color

Here is a lighter shade of auburn that is a fantastic option for those who want to try auburn without going too dark. Now, you can see that it is not necessary to go much darker to achieve a chic auburn hair color like this. The light tone of auburn flatters various skin tones, including dark, medium and light. Rock this low maintenance hair color and make a statement.

Light Auburn Hair Color

Brick Red Hair Color: auburn hair colors 2019

Here is another example that proves that light auburn is just striking. This head-turner hair color is simply adorable and it can be rocked by fashion-forward women. A solid auburn looks equally cool and you don’t need to spice it up with highlights and lowlights. I am sure this is the greatest hair color to bring out your incredible complexion.

Brick Red Hair Color

Subtle Hair Highlights: auburn hair colors 2019

Give your hair a right amount of dimension by placing some hair highlights that are a tone lighter than a base hair color. The thinnest hair highlights placed throughout the locks provide with a chic hair look. The shade is just amazing without contrasts. Somehow it seems a solid shade as the highlights are close to the natural shade.

Subtle Hair Highlights

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