Best Celebrity Hairstyles that Inspire to Go Gray

Indeed, there is a serious reason so many young ladies are choosing to dye their hair shades of silver. Silver looks not only amazing but also unique. If you are a woman that is already experimenting gray hair, should embrace this tone instead of using hair dyes to camouflage. Here I have put together some celebrities for a chic and flattering looks that are trendy. If you can’t commit between bold yet natural tones, consider these inspiring grey hair colors by celebrities.

grey hair colors by celebrities.

Gray Hair Highlights

If you have some grays throughout your locks, and the rest of your strands are in original color, ask your hair colorist to turn your amazing grays into hair highlights. If the highlights are applied with a right technique your tresses will get a sun-kissed effect. It is the most low-maintenance hair color option for mature females. The color option doesn’t require a huge commitment.

Gray Hair Highlights

Silver Hair Color 

Silver-toned mane is nothing but striking. It is a shade for women of different age groups. Regardless of whether you are young or adult, don’t hesitate to adopt this style. To keep your hair as cooled tone as this one, fight brassiness with a purple toned shampoo. You can ask your hairstylist for color treatments, so that you will avoid giving your hair too much damage.

silver white hair color

Grey Streaks: grey hair colors

Even a hint of grey will enhance your dark or light mane. Many females who start going grey at a younger age, jump on hair color kits. But you never need to feel bad because of grey strands. Embrace them while applying silver tones throughout your locks. Silver works pretty cool on black hair. It is a fantastic option for those who are in love with contrasting shades.

Grey Streaks

Salt and Pepper Hair Color

Salt and pepper hair colors are not only for guys. Females also can rock the style. It looks just gorgeous on women that are graying. The combination of grey and white tones provides with a fantastic hair look. Below I have included a fascinating style by Charlotte Rampling. I assure you it is the best hairstyle option for mature women, so you may try it every time.

Salt and Pepper Hair Color

Color Contrast: grey hair colors

If you can’t decide between grey and your current hair color, consider mixing things up and creating a contrasting hair look. To get the following style, ask your hair colorist to keep a vibrant hue on majority of your hair while painting a small section in a grey tone. Silver streaks will give a bold touch to your strands.

Color Contrast

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