Pastel Hair Colors for Short Hair

Which pastel hair color would you prefer to rock on your short hair, -pink, blue, yellow, green? Well, it is not an easy task to commit, but if you have decided to do your first step, we are here to help you. Nowadays, pastels are so in mainstream and they can be spotted on many ladies around the world. Regardless of the season, your skin tone, texture and face shape, you may always pull off pastels. Go on reading and discover coolest pastel hair colors for short hair.

coolest pastel hair colors for short hair

Green Hair Highlights: pastel hair colors

Green hair color is the boldest shade to try. But it is not necessary to go all over green to stand out in the crowd. Place some green hair highlights throughout your platinum blonde hair color for a unique and catchy hairstyle. However, it is impossible to wear these highlights, if you don’t have very light blonde hair, otherwise you need to bleach it.

Green Hair Highlights

Orange Hair Color

When it comes to pastels, warm orangey hues are in. It is quite important to make sure that the orange hues flatter your skin tone and eye color. Pastels tend to wash you out, so you need to be attentive while getting a pastel for you. This orange hair color is achieved on a short pixie haircut. If you want to make a bold statement, it is the way to go.

Orange Hair Color

Pastel Mint

Mint is the most feminine and subtle hair color that one may achieve. Indeed, it is not an effortless tone for brunettes, but after getting the color you will see that it is worth your time and effort. It is a light hair color and requires a light base. But if a monochrome hair color is not for you, consider spicing it up with hair highlights for some contrast, although the solo version is fabulous as well.

Pastel Mint

Lavender Bob: pastel hair colors

If you want to create a fairy like look, here is an inspiration for you. It is a chic lavender that is achieved on a short bob. Like other pastels, lavender is also high maintenance and requires regular touchups. Apart from it, you will need to use conditioners and shampoos for a color-treated hair. Ask your hair colorist for the best treatments.

Lavender Bob

Blonde with a Hint of Rose

If you have a very light blonde hair color and you want to update it, just take cue from this look. It is all about adding a hint of rose to your strands. When you have a very light hair color such as platinum, you don’t need to worry about getting the tone.

Blonde with a Hint of Rose

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