Prettiest Hair Color Trends 2019

You never need to stay committed to your current faded hair color for the rest of the month or the year. Never hesitate to go for a new and trendy hair color, as it the most important attribute of your style. Today we rounded up the prettiest hair color trends 2019.

hair color trends 2019

Get ready to make a hair appointment immediately. Below we have included a shade for blondes, brunettes and redhead, so you will definitely find something for you. If you are ready, let’s start our journey.

Soft Lavender and Pink

If you have already bleached your hair to the highest level of blonde and now you are looking for an update, this soft lavender and pink color combo is for you. It goes without saying that blondes don’t need to put extra effort to get this superb look. It is not even necessary to call your hairstylist as you can get the color at home as well (note that it is about blondes, brunettes need to go for bleaching).

Soft Lavender and Pink

Creamy Buttery Blonde: hair color trends 2019

These super-smooth waves literally look like ribbons of melting butter. Well, this delicious hair color is another great update for blondes. To get the following shade, don’t forget to take your complexion into consideration. Talk to your hair colorist to know whether this creamy, buttery blonde is great for your eye color or skin tone or not.

Creamy Buttery Blonde

Auburn Tipped Ends:hair color trends 2019

This dark lob gradually fades to auburn creating a subtle and feminine look. The greatest thing about this hair color is that it doesn’t require a huge commitment. You may rock red while maintaining brunette tones. Indeed, the technique of applying tones is quite important. Note that the tones are gathered to create a subtle ombre. Rock this hair color to update your current bob haircut.

Auburn Tipped Ends

Swirled Bronze Hair Color

The following color combination requires mixing dozens of copper, platinum and bronze hair highlights. The combination of highlights provides with a sophisticated hair color like this. This shade complements an array of skin tones, including medium and light. Show this picture to your hair colorist and ask for the same hair color option.

Swirled Bronze Hair Color

Inky Black Hair Color

Inky black is for ladies who have always thought that brunettes have more fun than blondes. It is a quite dark shade of brown, almost black and it flatters various skin tones and eye colors. You may consider getting this hair color for yourself and enhance it with a right crop. Pixie is always in mainstream, so you may go for a big chop and cut your hair off.

Inky Black Hair Color

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