1920’s Unforgettable Hairstyles to Rock in 2019

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Every summer New York people put on best of their retro outfits and  try to recreate lovely hairdos of that particular era. They try to achieve 1920’s looks for a popular Jazz Age Lawn Party. Females rock S-waves, chic hair accessories and eye-catching lipsticks. Today we have put together some of 1920’s unforgettable hairstyles for 2019 that have been spotted on the first rows. These gorgeous pictures are great to use as a source of inspiration for an upcoming Halloween or festival. Scroll down to see the pictures. 

Gatsby Inspired Hairstyle

From 1920’s styles, this incredible updo comes first to our mind. It is a Gatsby inspired hairstyle that can be rocked in a special themed parties. The beauty of this ‘do comes from a faux bob that is accessorized with a feather and headband. These adornments are the most important details that give a retro vibe to this style. Indeed, makeup also enhances the style and makes it super adorable.

Gatsby inspired hairstyle

Natural Curls 

Natural curls are not new in this industry and never expect that they will ever be outdated. Curls come in numerous styles. Indeed, all types of curls are amazing. Regardless of whether you have natural curls or not, you can always get them by using hair tools. It goes without saying that in 1920’s curls have been trendy too. Make sure to wear them everywhere. However, On Jazz Age Lawn Party lots of females have been spotted with curls.

natural curls

Kinky Hair 

Embrace your kinks and then accessorize them with a right adornment to give a retro vibe. You don’t know how to do that? Well, take example from this model. She has a short haircut that is spiced up with a white headband. It is one of the best hairstyles that we have been seen on this amazing party. By the way you may use your own version of an accessory.

kinky hair

Updo and Finger Waves

When talking about retro hairstyles, we can’t forget about finger waves. This type of waves has never stopped to be our favorite. You don’t need to put extra effort to achieve these gorgeous waves. Just make sure to use a right comb and hair curling iron. Finger waves make a great canvas for various hairstyles. Have a look at this updo and everything will become more than clear.

updo and finger waves

Wavy Bob 

It seems bobs are the main topic of our discussion. This haircut has become everyone’s favorite crop. First reason is that it is a low-maintenance haircut. It flatters various face shapes and can be styled in countless updos and donwdos. All you need to do is to give some eye-catching waves to your strands and then put on your favorite hat.

wavy bob

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