Best Back-to-School Hairstyles in 2019

Waking up to to go to school is already struggle but thinking of a hairstyle is also quite stressful. We have compiled some back-to-school hairstyles for 2019 to take your stress away and provide you with excellent hair ideas that are possible to achieve within 10 minutes.

back to school hairstyles

Whether you are in elementary or high school or you are heading off the college, you should definitely check out these amazing hairstyles. I am sure you will find something modern and catchy for yourself. If you are ready, let’s start!

Side Braid and Updo 

Side braid and updo are paired to create an excellent back to school hairstyle. Braids are great to wear at school because they are simple, polished and keep the strands out of the face while you study. Indeed, there are numerous types of braids, but if you have some braiding skills, consider this bulky Dutch braid. It accessorizes the side of the head while transitioning into a catchy updo on the back of the head.

side braid and updo

Subtle Side Twist and Braid 

If you are looking for a hairstyle to gather your hair, we recommend this amazing side braid. Don’t let the complicated look of the updo fool you because after figuring out the technique you may achieve it within minutes. The key to this look is double braids that are connected for a huge side braid.  You may use any type of braid you want, including regular braid or fishtail braid.

Subtle Side Twist and Braid 

Twisted Updo 

When you are in rush and you don’t have more than two minutes for styling your locks, this amazing updo can be quite helpful. You just need to twist your hair and pin with bobby pins. Take some strands out of your bun for a flattering vibe. It is not necessary to overdo your updo. The messier, the better. However, this updo is possible to wear everywhere. Try it at school too.

messy bun

Twisted Half Updo 

Half up half down hairstyles are appreciated by those who want to show off their amazing hair length, by taking the strands out of the face. All you need to do is to twist your hair on both sides and then pull them back in a half up half down style. It is possible to get this hairstyle on medium length hair too. Choose this hairstyle for tomorrow and rock it proudly.

twisted half updo

Mini Brads

You can never go wrong with mini braids. They are so easy to get, plus with the help of braids you may easily take your look a notch higher. Just try this version of mini braids and you will not regret. Feel free to use your creativity for a lot better look.

mini braids

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