Long, Short, Medium Layered Hairstyles for 2019

You have long, short or medium hair and you don’t know how to take away the boring and monotone touch of your locks? Well, here we have a great idea for you. Check out these layered hairstyles for 2019. The layers are not new in beauty industry and they never going to leave.

layered hairstyles for 2019

The advantage of rocking layers is that your hairstyle gets a whole new look without sacrificing your hair length. If you are ready for updates, just have a look at the pictures below.

Medium Haircut with Layers

This medium length layered bob is something to die for. It is spiced up with a beige blonde hair color that takes things a step forward. The layers throughout the strands add dimension and movement. It is a beneficial hairstyle for those who have fine hair type. Layers tend to add visual thickness to the locks. It is a trendy haircut for everyone that wants to look stylish.

Medium Haircut with Layers

Long Layered Haircut

You never need to go for a huge commitment to achieve a trendy hairstyle. What about asking your hairstylist for some layers painted with an ombre patterns. The ombre entails transitioning from natural dark brown to light cinnamon tips. Note that these amazing layers leave an impression of being painted with another shade. Copy the following style and update your entire look.

Long Layered Haircut

Shaggy Layered Haircut: layered hairstyles for 2019

Indeed, you cannot achieve a shaggy haircut without going for layers. The beauty of this style comes from chic layers. When it comes to styling, you need to grab a handful of hair wax or hair mousse and by applying to your hair, tousle it around. You are going to end up with a sophisticated hairstyle that is textured. It is a right moment to bring retro styles back with a modern twist.

Shaggy Layered Haircut

Feathery Layered Haircut

A feathery layered haircut is all you need to create a sophisticated frame for your face. Some of the shorter strands in the front create a bang-like look while contouring your features. With a right haircut, you don’t have to worry about your makeup as well. This low-maintenance haircut uses a raven black hair color that still gives a natural-looking appearance to the crop.

Feathery Layered Haircut

Curly Layered Haircut: layered hairstyles for 2019

Indeed, curly hair needs lot of maintenance. Apart from it, you need to find a right hairstyle to shape the curls. In this case also, layers come in handy to provide you with the best effect. This example also proves that layers are fantastic for everyone regardless of texture, length and type. Upgrade hair color with a rich hair color as well.

Curly Layered Haircut

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