Imperfect Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019

Untamed and tousled textured hairstyles are irresistibly charming. Indeed, there is something extremely sexy about disheveled hairdos- regardless of whether it is long cascading down waves or an ultra-short pixie haircut. Messy styles look striking on any length and type of hair, long short, straight, curly.

imperfect hairstyles for long hair 2019

Perhaps several years ago it wouldn’t be a great idea to rock messy styles in the formal settings, but nowadays everything has changed. However, below I have selected some cool imperfect hairstyles for long hair 2019. Find the style appropriate your texture and hair length.

Messy Formal Updo

Indeed, lots of messy hairstyles are designed for casual days, but the following one is great to wear in formal settings too. Messy buns like this one can easily be formalized with the addition of a hair embellishment. It is a gorgeous hairdo that requires giving your stands some gorgeous waves before pulling them in a formal bun. Tendrils on the front are must for the style.

Messy Formal Updo

Twisted Messy Half Updo

Get a romantic look by rocking a half updo like this. The updo is spiced up with intricate lovely twist that changes the whole look of the half updo. However, before getting this style, make sure that your hair is curled into gorgeous beach waves. Long bangs are bonus for this style. Style them to the side and pin with bobby pins or simple leave them without pinning.

Twisted Messy Half Updo

Messy Blue Down-do: hairstyles for long hair 2019

Down-dos are as impressive as updos. Here is an opportunity for you to create a striking mermaid- inspired hair look. Well, the shade of your strands is quite important. If you are looking for an unconventional shade, consider blue. I assure you it will give your all those mermaid vibes, you are looking for. Don’t forget to create your updo messy and disheveled.

Messy Blue Down-do

Messy Mohawk with Braids

A cool faux-hawk is having a big moment right now. But by listening the name mohawk you don’t have to run to the nearest salon to shave your sides. Try your mohawk with incredible braids- Dutch and fishtail braids work great for giving your ‘do some edge. Braids may perfectly imitate the shaved sides. Below we have included a messy mohawk that is all about braids.

Messy Mohawk with Braids

Messy Ponytail: hairstyles for long hair 2019

From all those cute messy hairstyles, this one may be the coolest. It is our favorite ponytail that entails a French braid the back of the head until it hits the crown. Then pull the stands up in a regular ponytail. Finish the look by fishtail braiding the tail of pony. It is so easy, particularly when you have minimal braiding skills.

Messy Ponytail

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