Casual Hairstyles for Medium Hair 2019

This universally appealing hair length can be styled in countless styles. Here are the cutest casual hairstyles for medium hair 2019, are fabulous for women that are looking for hairstyles that are possible to create within three to five minutes. They are effortless and easy to get. If you are looking for inspiration, just keep reading.  

Twisted High Bun with Adornments

We are amused on how a few sparkly hair accessories can transform the most basic hair looks. Create a simple updo with added volume. It can be done by applying mousse through the locks and twisting them up in a simple messy high bun. Finish the look by decorating the underneath with a few gorgeous hair pins. The choice is up to you, but the ones you see in these pictures are amazing as well.

Twisted High Bun with Adornments

Low Twisted Bun

This style features a low bun in a messy flair. But what draws attention to this incredible updo is the textured top and side fringes. Every detail of this updo makes it more and more casual. Give a try to this low bun as it is an affordable style for everyone. Note that the crown part is finger weaved and only after that the updo has been created. Indeed, it is hairstyle to fall in love with.

Low Twisted Bun

High Top Ponytail and Kinky Texture

Here is a beneficial hairstyle for women with kinky texture. There are so many options to tame your unruly curls. This chic high ponytail is one of the most irresistible styles that definitely need to be tried. Luckily, this gorgeous ponytail works for medium hair too. Secure your locks high in a ponytail and finish the style with a striking accessory.

High Top Ponytail and Kinky Texture

Messy Medium Length Hair: hairstyles for medium hair 2019

Beach waves set on medium hair, look fabulous. There is no a better option for medium hair rather than careless waves. With these waves, you will get that casual feel. To style your locks, use hair curling iron and then run your fingers throughout your locks to mess things up. This style will be your favorite if you love to have a little bit mess in your style.

Messy Medium Length Hair

Half Topknot: hairstyles for medium hair 2019

This chic half knot works just great for women with medium length hair. The key to this look is the teased-up strands. The messier the hair, the better top knot looks. There is nothing complicated about this half updo. Thing you need to do to achieve the style, is to pull up some of your strands and secure in a half knot. Don’t forget to leave some fringes out of the updo for a better look.

Half Topknot

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