Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019: Neckline Hair Designs

Men have been spotted rocking the most incredible patterns on their necks. Shortly, neck is also a great canvas for masterpieces. Most of the styles draw their inspiration from popular V-shaped haircuts. V-shaped designs are great to take your haircut a notch higher.

mens hairstyles with designs

You may use your imagination and go creative with designs. If you have no idea about hair designs scroll down to see men’s hairstyle trends 2019 with neckline hair designs in 2019. Note that you can recreated these designs on any type of texture and hair length. 

Platinum Blonde Hair with Designs

This shocking haircut is for men, that never fear to go bold. We love everything about the style and it entails double fade and a vivid platinum blonde shade. This double fade indeed, makes the design appear twice cooler. When it comes to the color, platinum, is a powerful element for this design. If you want to stand out in the crowd, just adopt this style and let people talk about it.

platinum blonde with pattern

Surgical Line 

We have spotted various hairstyles with a surgical line. This pattern enhances any hairstyle making it more stylish. In this particular design the surgical line starts at the temple and cuts the opposite side of the neck creating an asymmetric look. It is still a bold look that deserves lost of attention. This surgical line looks great on short haircut. So, buzz your hair and opt for this style.

short haircut with line

Half Mohawk 

This fresh cut is for those who want to re-create an original version of a Mohawk. Shaved sides perfectly imitate this bold haircut giving it an edgy touch. Ask your barber to shave your sides and add a gorgeous pattern on the neck. You will end up with a fabulous hair design like this. Just make sure that a Mohawk is what you are looking for and what you want to wear.

Feather Hair Design and Neck Fade 

When it comes to hair designs, the options are really versatile. You may choose literally anything and get it on your neck. The most important thing is to find a barber that is able to provide you with a design you desire. Below you may see another haircut with neck fade that is super cute and unique. Indeed, this hair design draws attention and makes the style even more interesting.

feather hair design and fade

Shaved Lines 

This cool haircut is achieved by layering the strands and giving sides some lines. Well, it is not necessary to opt for a bold designs to make your haircut striking, even with simple lines you will look good. When it comes to this particular headdress, it requires tapering the back and side for some disconnection.

shaved lines

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