Men’s Short Hairstyles 2019

Men’s hairstyle trends are also growing in versatility. Many years ago, you wouldn’t have so many options to choose from but now it is even hard to pick something. Be that short or long, you have plenty of ideas to consider. In order to give you better ideas on how you can experiment with short hair, we have compiled men’s short hairstyles 2019.

men’s short hairstyles 2019

Popular Ivy League, Caesar, buzz and other crops are still in mainstream. The key to excellent short crop, is the right chosen patterns such as taper fades, razor elements etc. Let’s start without wasting even a minute.

Spiky Hairstyle

Men’s spiky hairstyles couldn’t be easier to style. All you need to do is to work hair products through your damp hair and with the help of your fingers push your hair in different directions. It goes without saying that you need some length to get the style. This easy-to-do crop is absolutely low-maintenance and can be done within minutes. Lazy guys, it is your chance to look stylish.

messy spikes

Men’s short hairstyles 2019: High and Tight Haircut

It is a military inspired high and tight haircut for men that love to keep things neat and clean. You don’t need special effort to get it plus it doesn’t require everyday styling. However, it is important to get the exact copy of the crop. Show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same trim. Just keep your haircut in shape by visiting your barber.

High and Tight Haircut

Haircut for Thick Hair

Textured haircuts are popular because they work for all hair types. Regardless of whether you have thick or thin hair you may always opt for textured crops. This model rocks a textured haircut to cut the weight out of his strands. It is an easy-to do style that is great to draw lots of attention.

Haircut for Thick Hair

Men’s short hairstyles 2019: Buzz Line Up Haircut

If you want to pull off a short haircut but you are tired of regular buzz, try something different. Rock the same buzz with modern patterns. You are curious how? Well, ask your barber to shape up at the forehead and blurry fade around the sides. These patterns will immediately take your buzz a notch higher. Give a try to this haircut and you will not regret.

Buzz Line Up Haircut

Short Haircut with Short Bangs

Looking for a simple haircut without any extreme patterns? Here is a great option for you to rock. It is all about cutting your hair short and spice it up with bangs. This is a simple haircut that looks great on men with thick and curly hair. It doesn’t require time or effort to get. If you don’t have natural curls you may get them using hair products.

Short Haircut with Short Bangs

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