Wavy Hairstyles for Men 2019

Every type of hairstyle for men works on wavy hair. Waves are great to add movement and flow to your strands and enhance your appearance. Waves are blessing for trendy textured crops but they tend to bring something special for sleek hairstyles as well. If you are not into fuss and messy styles, work with hair products. Men who are in love with waves but they don’t have them naturally, should still consider using hair products and tools. Below I have compiled wavy hairstyles for men 2019.

wavy hairstyles for men 2019

Messy Waves

Wavy hair is really great when you want to enhance your natural wildness. With waves, you can create a sophisticated hair look. Below we have a great hairstyle option for men with wavy hair. As you can see, the waves look great with a touch of tousle. Tapered sides add extra touch of cuteness to the style. If you have these waves, don’t hesitate to rock the following style.

Messy Waves

Wavy Hair with Taper Sides

The following style is great for guys with thick hair. It is a chic haircut that brings out the natural texture. Everything about this style is flawless. The best thing is that when you are blessed with these curls, you don’t need to think of styling at all. The most important thing is to get the cut right otherwise it will not be the best idea to bring out your texture.

Wavy Hair with Taper Sides

Slicked Back Waves: wavy hairstyles for men 2019

Now you can see that slicked back hairstyles look cool on wavy hair as well. The following hairdo is quite easy to create. Apply some hair products to your waves and simply comb them back. Waves add extra volume and texture while the mid fade ensures that it is a sophisticated haircut that is easy to achieve. It is also a low maintenance style.

slicked back waves

Thick Crop with Drop Fade

Here is a longer and heavier way of rocking textured haircuts. It is a bold hairstyle that is all about contrast. A bald drop fade with fringe takes the entire look a notch higher. It is a great hairdo that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Trendsetter men will love this style. Adopt the following hairstyle for yourself and make a bold statement.

Thick Crop with Drop Fade

Wavy Faux Hawk: wavy hairstyles for men 2019

It is mohawk inspired look that works great with this hair type. Undercut is the boldest element of this hairdo. Indeed, you should have enough hair length to get a stunning faux hawk like this. Note that the hair is left wavy and pinched up at the center to imitate the faux hawk.

Wavy Faux Hawk

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