Everyday Ponytail Hairstyles to Steal Right Now

Ponytails are still our favorite hairstyles because they are not time-consuming and work for any texture and face shape. Everyone can rock a ponytail, be it simple or spiced up with twists or braids. Here you will find everyday ponytail hairstyles that you can steal right now and pop up with a new lovely look.

everyday ponytail hairstyles

Note ponytails can be rocked both formally and casually. Choose the best idea for yourself.

Ponytail with Chunky Braid

The longer hair, the better your ponytail will look. Braided ponytails, always have a complicated look, but don’t let the appearance of the pony fool you. That’s all about your braiding skills. Create a loose fishtail braid and by pulling it back secure with your ponytail. You will end up with a ravishing hair design that is great for different occasions.

Ponytail with Chunky Braid

Rope Ponytail

This ponytail is as easy as the previous one, but it also looks complicated. First, you need to pull your hair back in a low ponytail and twist the base with several strands. Then by taking wisps twist over middle part of your ponytail to create a rope braid. A good hair color is bonus for this style, so consider switching up your hair color for the best of look.

Rope Ponytail

Everyday ponytail hairstyles: Ponytail for Medium Hair

This is the most effortless yet cute hairstyle that you can get within minutes. Slightly wave your locks and then pull them back in a low ponytail. Accessorize it with a cute bow. It is a feminine hairstyle that you can wear on your big day as well. Leave some strands out of the ponytail to make it look better. Adopt it for yourself and create a professional look.

Ponytail for Medium Hair

Sleek Low Ponytail

Ponytails are all in range and all of them look pretty cute. What about rocking this variation of pony? Isn’t it fabulous? It requires combing your hair back and securing in a ponytail. Slightly roll the tip of the ponytail and don’t forget to twist some strands over the base. Note, it is important to straighten the strands before wearing this headdress.

Sleek Low Ponytail

Everyday ponytail hairstyles: Ponytail with Bow

Actually, you can take your ponytail a notch higher with various hair accessories, including different types of bows. Here is a great example on how you can create a sophisticated look with the help of a huge bow. The model pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail and finished with a lovely blue bow. Get the bow and give yourself a chic look like this.

Ponytail with Bow

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