Curly Hairstyles 2019 That Are All About Texture

Whether you are using a hair wand to create curls or you are naturally blessed with them, these curly hairstyles 2019 are for you. Here we have included everything for different textures. Regardless of your curl type, you will definitely find something appropriate your hair length and texture. The best thing is that curls are for every woman under the sun. Keep reading and find the best option for yourself.

curly hairstyles 2019

Hat and Cascading Curls

No one works with hair accessories better than Janelle Monae. We are staring at her hat and the curls cascading down the hat. Curls in the front create a bang-like look. These tight curls complement her lovely face shapes. If you love accessories a hat is what you need to consider for your tight curls. 

Auburn Hair Color and Tight Curls

The combination of tight curls and an outstanding shade of auburn is nothing but striking. If you have textured curls you should consider getting this Disney inspired look. As you can see the color complements light skin tone and light eyes. When it comes to styling, it doesn’t require anything rather showcasing your natural texture. Get this easy-to-do look and impress your friends.

Auburn Hair Color and Tight Curls

Blunt Bangs and Curls: curly hairstyles 2019

The bouncy medium curls are paired with long, slightly shiny, wet-looking bangs. Indeed, it is something you need to experiment with. I assure you it is impossible to go wrong with a sophisticated hairstyle like this. These curls are easy to get with hair products and tools. All you need to do, is to switch up your hair color. You should include a blonde ombre into your “must try” hair color list.

Blunt Bangs and Curls 

Pulled Back Style 

This version of “business in the front and party in the back” style is easy to get. It is an effortless hairstyle as all you need to do is to create a sleek crown and brushed out curls at the back. You should definitely rock this hairstyle with statement earrings. If you want to make you hairstyle as impressive as this one, make sure to use hair extensions.

Voluminous Curls : curly hairstyles 2019

What about this style? It is the right moment to take the volume to new heights and rock a teased style like this. Now it is possible to rock these teased curls formally too. If you are up to a textured hairstyle, this is a style you need to consider.

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