Blonde Hair Color

Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hair Colors for 2019

Blonde balayage is a uniquely interesting technique that allows you to go creative with your hair. It will give your strands a natural looking appearance and even after growing your blonde balayage will still look fabulous on you.

blonde balayage hair colors

The greatest thing about all this, is that no one else can be spotted with the same hair shade as you. Each hair color is being customized to one’s complexion and wishes. Just pass through these amazing bombshell blonde balayage hair colors for 2019 and pick something for you.

Top 5 Hailey Baldwin’s Hairstyles That Stole the Show

Hailey Baldwin is one of our favorite fashion icons that know how to get everything right. Her hairstyles are something to die for. Ponytails and braids make an important part of her image. She has already spotted with these striking ‘dos many times. Have a look at top 5 Hailey Baldwin’s hairstyles that stole the show.

Hailey Baldwin’s hairstyles

If you haven’t chosen a headdress for you yet, try one of her looks and prepare yourself for lots of pleasant comments.

Hairstyles for Square Faces in 2019

Girls have different face shapes, textures and hair lengths so hairstyles should be chosen according to one’s complexion. Luckily, there are hairstyle options for everyone. By the way, today we have compiled amazing hairstyles for square faces in 2019.

hairstyles for square faces in 2019

Before choosing a crop for yourself you need to figure out your face shape and only after that make sure that it suits your face. Go on reading to find a hairstyle appropriate your hair length. Let’s hope you will find something for yourself.

Updos for Short Hair in 2019

Some of you have always preferred to have short while for others it is hard to grow the strands out. Long hairstyles are time-consuming but short hair doesn’t require much time for styling. Short hairstyles are absolutely amazing and this length offers various options for downdos and updos.

updos for short hair in 2019

You may think that there is no much to do with short hair, but I assure you that there are lots of things to do. Here I have included some incredible updos for short hair in 2019. Go on reading to see these wonderful updos!

Box Braids Hairstyles for 2019

Females are obsessed with iconic 90’s box braids hairstyles. These traditional Afro-American braids rose in popularity. Box braids make great protective hairstyles. They look twice better with added length.

box braids hairstyles for 2019

Social media is flooded with protective hairstyles while Instagram is full off with accounts dedicated to tutorials of box braids. However, these braids are great to accessorize with beads, metallic threads or colorful hair highlights. Here are the most beautiful box braids hairstyles for 2019.

Incredible Fall Hair Colors for Everyone

By saying fall hair colors, the first thing that comes to our mind is the colors of leaves. You should paint your hair gotten inspired from fall leaves. Here we have compiled some incredible fall hair colors for everyone.

fall hair colors 2019

Regardless of whether you want to keep your hair in a natural shade, or you want to go bold with bright and edgy tones, you will find something luscious for you. 

Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019: Neckline Hair Designs

Men have been spotted rocking the most incredible patterns on their necks. Shortly, neck is also a great canvas for masterpieces. Most of the styles draw their inspiration from popular V-shaped haircuts. V-shaped designs are great to take your haircut a notch higher.

mens hairstyles with designs

You may use your imagination and go creative with designs. If you have no idea about hair designs scroll down to see men’s hairstyle trends 2019 with neckline hair designs in 2019. Note that you can recreated these designs on any type of texture and hair length. 

“Gossip Girl” Best Hairstyle Moments

gossip girl hairstyles

Even if the “Gossip Girl” is officially off, it continues to be a serious fashion inspiration. Serena’s golden mane of beach waves and Blair’s dark strands in different updos and downdos prove that both blonde and brunette may have fun. These girls have always in the center of attention, but we truly love Jenny’s Vanessa’s and other’s styles as well. Whether you have been fun of this amazing TV series or not, you need to check out these hairstyle ideas by “Gossip Girl”. I am sure today you will find another cool hairstyle for tomorrow. 

Stacked Bob Hairstyles for 2019

Stacked bob is one of the most trending haircuts of the season and no wonder that females with different age groups prefer rocking a sophisticated hair crop like this. A bold and fearless stacked bob is for women that never shy expressing themselves. The advantage of stacked bob is that it is a quite versatile haircut and it can be suited to every face shape. Regardless of styling, you can rock a stacked bob in different settings. If you are seeking for an unforgettable and dramatic hairstyle makeover, check out these amazing stacked bob hairstyles for 2019. 

stacked bob hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair in 2019

medium length hairstyles

When it comes to thin hair, there is nothing better than medium length hairstyles. You can truly create lots of cool ‘dos on medium hair, including loose updos, various types of braids, twists and even ponytails. Textured hairstyles are great to add visual thickness to your thin hair. Messy touch of the strands will save you when you are in rush. If you are planning to chop off your strands or you have already had this cut and you are looking for an amazing hairstyle, check out these medium length hairstyles for thin hair in 2019.